5 Reasons to Use a Grey Water System

Liquid Rain is a specialised supplier in irrigation systems for the residential, commercial, sports and recreational fields as well as the agricultural sectors of the market.

A Grey Water System is specially designed with the intention of irrigating sustainable water through a system.  Grey water can be defined as any domestic wastewater produced, which excludes sewage waste.

Here are 5 beneficial reasons to invest in a Grey Water System:

  1. GreyWater Systems are multi-purpose systems

The water can be used for laundry, toilet flushing as well as the irrigation of food and non food producing plants. The nutrients and components within this water source, namely phosphorus and nitrogen, promotes the growth in these plants.

  1. Reduces the need for fresh water

In our current climate, the preservation of water is critical to our survival. Grey water systems can significantly save fresh water for better utilisations.

  1. Reduces expensive utility bills

By balancing the demand and supply of water, grey water systems tend to balance the equilibrium of water scales in utility expenditure.

  1. Decreased pollution and toxins

Grey water systems reduce the need for sites to be continuously monitored for the water intake. The amount of waste water entering the sewers and on-site treatment systems are reduced.

  1. Recyclable water

Sustainability and efficiency are improved through recycling water.

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