5 benefits of installing Irrigation on your Sports Fields

Liquid Rain is passionate about enhancing sustainability and efficiency to the residential, commercial and sporting industries alike.

Sport fields are susceptible to significant wear and tear damage with boots and equipment.

  1. Irrigation systems can be set at any specific time

Since the activities occur at different times on the sports fields, the irrigation from Liquid Rain can be set to suit the schedule of the fields.

  1. Maintains a healthy and pristine looking environment

The irrigation system will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the sports field with healthy looking grass.

  1. Temperature changes are accommodated for

By investing in an irrigation system from Liquid Rain, the different temperature changes are accommodated for through all four seasons of the year. This includes extremes from excessive rain to harsh sunlight exposure.

  1. The surrounding vegetation and soil will flourish

The determination of the soil texture, sand and clay in the soil influences the amount of water and thus directly impacts the organic growth of the vegetation.

  1. Reduces water wastage and utility expenditure

Schools and sporting fields are expected to adhere to a budget and maintain low expenditure on water. By investing in an irrigation system from Liquid Rain, the costs of water and utilities will be significantly reduced.

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